Follow-Up Clinic

We Are Here To Answers To All Your Questions About COVID-19 Testing And Vaccines.

How It Works

At our EmergentNow follow-up clinics in Georgia, our team will support and guide our patients through all of their COVID-19 questions and concerns.

You can make an appointment with one of our clinic physicians, by pressing the button below or calling our office at (404) 267-2272. After making an appointment, patients will receive a call from our clinic. During this call patients will be asked to answer a series of screening questions. We will then connect our patients with a PA/NP via telemedicine.

In the event that you test positive for COVID-19, we will discuss your options, and help monitor your recovery. Our mission is to help more people in our community understand COVID-19.

Test Results

We help patients understand their test results.
  • Why am I positive for a second time?
  • Why am I positive when I have no symptoms?
  • When can I take another test?
  • Should I quarantine? If yes, then how long?
  • Should I get my family tested?
  • Are my symptoms due to COVID-19? How long do they last? When should I seek higher level medical attention?

After a telemedicine patient assessment, our providers can prescribe medications for symptomatic relief and/or treatment.


We help patients understand vaccines.
  • Is what I’m feeling a side effect or an allergic reaction to the vaccine?
  • How can I manage my post-vaccine symptoms?
  • Am I eligible to get a vaccine?
  • When can I come to get my second vaccine?
  • I want to speak to a doctor about the safety and efficacy of vaccines

Our Clinical Staff

Jonathan Goss, MD

Lead Physician

Naaz Malek, PA-C

Lead PA

Patient Reviews