Monoclonal Antibody Treatment

Monoclonal Antibody (MAb) Is A Treatment For Patients Who Test Positive For COVID-19 And Have Mild To Moderate Symptoms. It Reduces The Severity Of Symptoms And Helps Patients Feel Better. Emergent Testing Now Offers MAb Treatments By Appointment.

Reduce Your Risk For A
Serious COVID Reaction

If you’ve tested positive for COVID-19 and have factors that increase your risks, there’s hope.

Monoclonal antibody treatments have demonstrated positive outcomes for reducing the amount of viral load in positive COVID-19 patients. Viral loads are associated with the severity of illness. Having a lower viral count of SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19, means you may have less severe symptoms. The evidence shows that a lower viral load reduces the need for hospitalization.

What Are Monoclonal Antibodies?

When a new virus emerges, like SARS-CoV-2, our bodies cannot naturally produce the antibodies needed to fight the infection. For higher-risk patients, the missing antibodies can lead to a dangerous or even life-threatening response. Monoclonal antibodies are made in a laboratory to combat a specific virus, like COVID-19.

Technically, monoclonal antibodies are highly specific immunoglobulins that bind to and neutralize viruses. They work by attaching themselves to the virus and preventing it from infecting cells or spreading throughout the body.

Monoclonal antibody treatment differs from the COVID vaccine. Vaccines trigger your body’s innate immune system to produce antibodies giving your body protection for longer.

With the mAb treatment, the antibodies help fight against the disease. However, they do not necessarily offer immunity against future infections because the body does not retain the antibodies like with a vaccine.

Who Benefits From Monoclonal Antibody Treatment?

Not all patients are eligible for mAb treatment. Patients must have a referral from a healthcare professional to qualify for treatment. The treatment is available for referred pediatric and adult patients.

Qualifications for mAb treatment:
  • Positive COVID-19 test
  • Experienced symptoms for ten days or less
  • High risk for more severe symptoms
  • Received a referral from a healthcare professional

The Process For Monoclonal Antibody Treatment

Emergent Testing offers mAb treatment at our clinics. Qualifying patients may schedule an appointment for an infusion.


Talk to our doctors at EmergentNOW to see if you qualify to receive this medication


Once approved, our trained staff will schedule an appointment for your treatment


Arrive at a site closest to you and let our skilled PA/NP and MA’s take care of you

What To Expect During Your Visit

MAb treatments are done with four injections. The injections are similar to what diabetics use to administer insulin. After our trained PA/NP clears you to get the treatment during a telemedicine clinic visit, you will arrive at one of our testing facilities closest to you with an appointment.

On-site, you will be evaluated again, this time by both a PA/NP and a MA. After administering the medication, you will be observed for an hour on our premises. We will reassess you every 15 minutes to ensure that you are not experiencing signs or symptoms of an allergic reaction. You will remain in your car during the entire duration of your visit which will last approximately an hour and a half. After release, you will be contacted by our team for another follow-up visit to ensure that you are on your way to recovery.

Schedule your appointment for mAb treatment at Emergent Testing.