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Frequently Asked Questions

The RT-PCR Nasal Swab tests are administered by nasopharyngeal swab, which is a method for collecting a clinical test sample of nasal secretions from the back of the nose.

The test is at no cost to anyone with a valid photo ID.

Booking your appointment online will shorten your visit time. We strive for our service to be as expedient as possible with most visits taking only 15 minutes.

We accept all insurance providers, please make sure to bring your proof of insurance with you.

If you are uninsured, please bring a valid state ID with you.

Here are more details about the accuracy of the different COVID-19 Tests from Harvard Medical School.

We accept walk-ins and drive-ups. Click the schedule appointment button at your desired location on our home page.

We test anyone 2 years of age or older. Any person under the age of 18 is required to have a parent or guardian present.

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